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Land Development 

We are one of Vancouver’s leading developers for land assemblies and land development. If you have a development project in mind and need access to land, we have established relationships in the industry and are always building our contact base.

Vancouver is a hot spot for commercial real estate and the land development market is more competitive than ever. Having an experienced, knowledgeable agency behind your ventures is the first step towards a successful follow-through.

If there’s one thing we’ve learned about the industry, it’s that time is of the essence; if you would like to read more about the process we use to work with land developers, please contact us for more info.

Step 1: Meeting

If we have not done work with you in the past, we’ll need to start our relationship with a meeting between your land developers and our real estate agents. We love meeting new land developers in the Vancouver area with exciting ideas about how to grow and invest in local communities. 

Step 2: Your Projects

Fill us in on projects you’ve developed in the past so we can become familiar with your land development styles and preferences. If you’ve recently received approval for a land development application we would love to hear all about the project, its scope and ideal locations you’re looking to develop it on.

Step 3: Find Land

Once we’ve learned all we can about you and your land development projects we’ll begin scouring our resources for the perfect properties for you to purchase and develop. We have a growing database of property owners in Vancouver who are interested in selling their properties to land developers just like you! 

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