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Architectural & Permit Process 

The foundation of DBD’s success over the last 30-plus years is built on our effort towards capturing accurate knowledge of marketplace trends related to construction methods and material inputs and their related costs.  We take pride in our ability to work with stakeholders – developers, architects, consultants and trades – to deliver a project that meets the functional, design and environmental needs specified by the owner, all within the cost parameters of the development. 

Our Pre-Construction/Value Engineering department adds value to the construction process by assisting our clients to make more informed decisions early in the planning and design stages that translate into maximized project value.

Benefits of working with our Pre-Construction group:

  • We keep our finger on the pulse of market trends and are ahead of the curve on product pricing

  • Design cost control is realized by the developer as DBD helps them make more informed decisions in the planning and design phase

  • Designer’s control over constructability is enhanced through up-to-date product knowledge and past project experience

  • Ultimately, DBD provides a greater level of risk assessment by analyzing the economics of the design from the perspective of a knowledgeable builder

The Pre-Construction Services we offer include the following:

  • Conceptual costing

  • Value-engineering

  • Cost feedback and design coordination/assistance for target price design evolution

  • Financial feasibility analysis

  • Construction methods planning

  • Construction scheduling

  • Procurement planning

  • Trade contracts tendering and negotiation

Site and operational planning including temporary facilities, safety provisions, crane types and locations, and management of workers, material, pedestrian, and traffic flows over the course of the project.


As one of Western Canada’s largest General Contractors with specialized capabilities in residential mid & high rise construction, we offer our clients reliability and diligence from planning to occupancy. DBD is capable of building projects that range in size from one million onward in  multi-phase developments.

Our approach:

  • Using in depth knowledge of the building type, DBD assists developers to control the design to effectively meet their cost pro forma; developers have complete control over the design of the project and DBD’s role is that of a cost advisor

  • By providing up to date cost budgets, developers can have a greater level of certainty in construction costs before applying for a Development Permit

  • We will work with the design team to assist them on decisions affecting constructability in their designs

  • After several pricing iterations and toward the end of the working drawing phase, the Developer will be offered a fixed lump sum contract for construction.

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